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Les Légions Noires were known for producing some of the most grim, lo-fi black metal ever heard. That said, the 1996 self-titled demo from Vèrmyapre Kommando pushes the boundaries even more, creating something so hideously raw and evil that many fans of the Black Legions are unable to fully appreciate it. This is one of the various side-projects from Wlad and Vorlok, of Vlad Tepes, though being a fan of their primary band in no way guarantees that this will possess the same appeal.

Musically, Vèrmyapre Kommando differs from Vlad Tepes in a number of ways. The more traditional metal influences are, more or less, absent. Still, one can detect some hints of old Bathory, though taken to another level. It sounds much less structured, bearing an overwhelmingly chaotic feeling that permeates the material on every possible level. From the noises before and after some of the tracks, to the actual tunes themselves, this comes across as much more spontaneous. However, upon repeated listens, it seems clear that the tumultuous atmosphere is exactly as planned. While one might get the impression that this demo is the product of a live improvisation, the reality is that there is an underlying organization that holds everything together. Wildly maniacal vocals scream over a mixture of tremolo melodies and thrashier riffs, with a barrage of rapid-fire drumming that all come together to assault the senses of the listener; however, following the initial blitz, things often become a bit easier to digest. Some of the material can, definitely, be considered experimental, though employing traditional instruments rather than incorporating alien elements. "Razoir X Guillotine" is a good example of this. Even "Fihveurhr Attack", while being a more straightforward track, utilizes feedback in such a manner as to create an eerie vibe. The real standout songs are "Juden?", for its raw and morbid atmosphere, and "Blitzcarnage", which features some of the most memorable guitar riffs of the entire recording.

The production is atrocious. It is beyond nasty and vile, which should really please those into the LLN bands, or raw black metal in general. One gets the impression that the absolute worst recording equipment and instruments were used, as this is completely horrible. At first, everything runs together and sounds like a giant mess, until your ears get used to it and begin to make sense of it all. The vocals seem drenched in reverb and may have been recorded in a separate room. At least, it sounds like it, at times. The drums account for a lot of the noise on this demo, with the cymbals coming through a little too much. The guitar tone has the feeling of a rusty knife, sharp yet filthy at the same time. Due to the sloppy playing and the poor production, riffs may take a few listens to recognize, but this adds to the charm of the music, in the end.

Vèrmyapre Kommando disappeared after this demo, never to be heard from again. Well, at least, Wlad and Vorlok chose not to record anything else under this moniker. It would seem that this particular experiment ran its course without the necessity of a follow-up. The overall impression given off by this is that they simply wanted to try a few things, without doing so under the Vlad Tepes name, and then moved on to something else. This extremely raw and chaotic material was all that was left behind, which may be more than enough for some. This is not recommended for anyone new to the LLN, as it may be a little much to take in, at first.
(17 Mar. 2012)

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