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On Nature and Humanity
by Noctir (Sept. 2009)

When making the terrible mistake of engaging in conversation with those of feeble intellect, it is common to run across the pathetic human opinion that animals are beneath us. People have actually convinced themselves that we are superior to every other animal on the planet. Notice, I said "other". Despite the foolish beliefs held by Christians (and similar moronic groups), humans are not divine entities. We are animals, just like the mighty mongoose. Indeed, we may have nicer toys, but this doesn't make us superior. When it comes down to it, we're not even the most intelligent creatures on the planet.

What other animals have created such a hell on earth for themselves, via the invention of civilization? Sure, there exists a variety of social structures among the various life forms that inhabit the planet, but how many ants do you see shaking down other insects for 25% interest on a loan? The primary concerns of most other organisms are what we consider to be quite basic; food, shelter, procreation. If a lion can get up and have a nice meal, shag his mate and have a dry place to sleep in the case of rain, he's had a bang-up day. As for humanity, we've simply made things far too complicated to ever achieve anything less than pure misery. We can hide it well (some better than others), but it can't be avoided.

There's no need to take my word for it. Science is all one needs to determine the obvious fact that animals are superior to people. Biologically it can be proven that animals are superior to mankind. Animals have stronger and more alert senses than humans. Throughout the history of civilization and across various cultures, humans have always viewed themselves as superior over nature and animals. This can be shown through their treatment of nature and animals. Humans have no regard for the world around them or the other creatures with which they share this environment. It can be said that the ultimate goal of humanity is to exert control over all nature. This is a sad and arrogant concept. Despite all of the technological advances of mankind, one good earthquake is enough to serve as a reminder that we are not as in control as we would like to think. The fact of the matter is that humans live in denial that they are, indeed, animals and that they are not much different from those creates living in the forest. The most striking difference is that, biologically speaking, humans are really the inferior animal. This false notion of superiority comes through the arrogance brought on by technological advancements. Take away the cars, cell phones and computers and you're left with practically nothing. Really, all it would take is the elimination of electricity to level the playing field, to a degree. The human world is so dependent on this one thing that all of civilization would crash in its absence. Then, humans would get back to what they're best at.

Rape, torture, murder... These are the things at which people excel. You don't see animals torturing one another for the hell of it. You also won't hear of a full-grown bear abducting a newborn cub and raping it. Even jackals won't attack a pregnant jackal for the sake of stealing her unborn child to sell on the black market. That's what people are good for. People deceive one another, out of greed or malice. If an animal pulls one over on another animal, it's probably because they're looking out for themselves and their prime objectives of food, shelter or self-preservation. Most animals will do their best to keep themselves out of trouble, unless it concerns one of these issues. Animals don't kill unless it's necessary. What about humans? They have no problem killing for sport. Even fundamentalist Christian scum that value all human life, no matter how worthless, care little for the fate of other animals. I've heard, with my own ears, a Christian claiming that animals were only put here, by their fictional Jewish god, to serve mankind. In their minds, they're here to provide food and slave labor. This is a most disgusting notion.

But it's part of human nature to deny reality and to elevate themselves to some important role in the grand scheme of things. That's one reason so many foolish religious groups see fit to claim that they are better than everyone else because they worship a different false deity than the rest. Most people feel superior to the rest of humanity, so it is no surprise that they view themselves as superior to nature and animals. This total disregard for other animals, and nature as a whole, is the leading cause of many problems that the world is facing today. It's fine for humans to abuse one another. For all I care, the entire human race can drop dead tomorrow, myself included. Yet it angers me to see how people treat animals. I'm not just speaking about the fact that we're destroying their natural habitats and then slaughtering them when they happen to stray into someone's back yard. I'm also talking about animal cruelty. How many of you have seen one of these programs on television where they go to rescue a pet from an abusive owner? That's right, people have these animals in captivity and then torture them. Some starve their pets near death or beat them, without remorse. Others train their dogs to fight, so they can make money off of the blood of man's best friend. In this twisted society, you can get locked away for so much as looking at someone the wrong way, but it's much more acceptable to torture and kill defenseless animals. That is how many people view the matter. These pieces of garbage should be fed their own entrails and then set on fire.

Until someone with half a brain is able to take power and annihilate most of humanity, it will be necessary somehow to convince humans to overcome their inherent nature and to respect animals and nature. These viewpoints by humans are a basis for the degradation of nature. These viewpoints must first be overcome if humans are to not degrade nature. It seems incredibly stupid that people could truly believe the filth that spews from their mouths; the mere thought that we are above the other animals is ridiculous. Returning to a biological point of view, let us take a quick look at the five senses.

Think about sight amongst humans and animals in terms of sight clarity, distance, nocturnal vision, infrared, eye structure, and evolving to not rely on sight. With regard to hearing, look at it in terms of pitch, distance or range of hearing, ear structure and hearing clarity in all directions. Even the most feeble-minded can recognize the differences regarding how strong the sense of smell is, distance of picking up a smell, and nose structure. Though some might discount this, taste can also be considered in terms of sensitivity towards hot and cold, tasting bad or possibly dangerous food. Touch can be looked at in terms of sensitivity, sensing vibration, etc. It doesn't take a scholar to ponder these things and to realize that we are the inferior ones. Another thing to think about it the ability of animals to communicate, using various different methods such as all the senses. How do humans compare? They don't. Even when we are speaking the same language, we typically fail at getting our point across. History is clear proof of this. Despite these weaknesses, people still disregard other forms of life than their own.

How often have you read reports of an animal getting murdered because it dared to cross some meaningless property line? Humans enter the hunting ground of another creature and set up shop, only to shoot the poor things because they get hold of some livestock; i.e. cost the landowner some money. No one blinks an eye. But if an animal bites a person, everyone is in an uproar and no one is satisfied until the 'evil beast' has been put to death. Yet no one understands that animals aren't evil. It's not even something that they are capable of.

Evil is a concept invented by man. However, going along with this idea, it is evident that the only true evil in this world is within man, himself. We are flawed creatures, but creatures, nonetheless. Some would say that we're no better than the other animals. I say we're far beneath them. What do we have that sets us apart from the rest? Opposable thumbs? Is that it? We seem pretty keen on our ability to write and speak. In actuality, we're fairly useless. Everything that we do is meaningless. It's sad that we have such weapons and so on, otherwise we'd have been extinct long ago. We have no claws or teeth suitable for defending ourselves. Without the thumbs and the large brains (that we don't even harness to its full potential) we'd have been lunch meat for some other animals a long time ago.

It's time for people to open their eyes and learn their role in this world. It certainly is not that of master of all things. Perhaps, if humans showed a little more concern for the rest of the animals and stopped placing so much value on every insignificant human life, the world wouldn't be such a miserable place.

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